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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pee Pee in the Pott-y! (a la John Travolta and Kirstie Alley)

Zane will be potty trained.  Period. The end.  I know that's not the proper mindset, but the kid is driving me nuts.  He is 22 months and shows all the signs of being developmentally ready - and has for some time now.  He knows when he's gone, knows what the potty seat is for. He's dry when he wakes up.  He brings me diapers on his own when he needs to be changed and lays down in our diaper changing "spot" on his own (unless Gabriel is yelling at him to "ESCAPE! ESCAPE, BROTHER!" and frantic running around ensues.  Thanks a ton, G.).  He has even started pointing to his diaper after he has soiled it and saying, "Yuck."  Yesterday he took his wet diaper off twice.  Luckily it wasn't poop.  Thank God for small miracles (and I say that sincerely).

My problem is is that I don't remember at all what I did to potty train Gabriel.  It was less than 2 years ago and rather momentous - you'd think I'd be able to remember.  We timed it with the almanac dates (scoff if you would like; I've used it for all the major things - weaning from nursing/bottle, pacifier, and the potty - solid gold it is, I tell you).  Did I let him run around naked?  Did I take him to the potty every 15 minutes or was it 30?  Did I buy him special underwear?  Were we confined to the house for a day? three? a week? at all?  Gah!  So many things to consider!  Two things I do remember - it was summer and I used chocolate chips as an incentive for about a week because I didn't have anything else in the house the day we started.  Super useful, huh?

So starting tomorrow: If you call and I randomly throw the phone down, please don't think me rude.  If you come by and my children are naked and I have fecal matter and urine all over my house, please don't call DFS (I'm a good mother, I swear!).  If I look like I haven't combed my hair, my pajamas are still on and I don't have my contacts in, please ignore me.  We'll be back to as close to normal as we come in a week or so!

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