Even when I can't see them...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For my maiden post, I have a confession: I have no idea what I'm doing - on this blog; every day with my kids; heck, with my life for that matter.  I play it day by day, and that's tough for me.  I like things to be planned, orderly, or at least organized chaos if I can have it no other way.  I am starting this blog as a means of communication with my husband, who was deployed for the first time today.  I'm hoping that even if he doesn't have time to Skype or even to send an email, he can read a post or two to see how things are holding up on the home front.  We've been apart for long periods of time before, but he's always been in the States and able to call almost, if not every night to tell the boys good night.  He will miss some major life events while on this deployment - most importantly the birth of our daughter in July.  I know that being gone is harder on him than me so my goal is to convey some semblance of normalcy in my posts for him to read and have one less worry.  And hopefully it will be therapeutic for me as journaling is said to be. I don't know if that's true - the longest I've ever kept a journal is about 3 days so I may be expecting a lot out of myself.  

 Our "official" family picture - 2011
Warson Photography
What was really happening - complete and utter noncooperation on the part of our children...
...and this is the story of my life...

Happy reading to all who may find me and bear with me as I organize my thoughts into words that hopefully make some sense!


  1. Katie I LOVE that last picture! I have one of us when the girls were little and we were trying to hold on to them. It's one of my favorites. I hope the blogging goes good for you. I have been blogging for several years.. Farm stuff usually.. But I like it..
    I hope this deployment goes quick for you all!

  2. You will rock it :) It's nice to have this little space in the world where you can freely say that sometimes, that said world sucks or is beautiful or whatever is blowing your skirt up that day. Welcome welcome welcome!